Tuesday, February 20th, 2018

Where's The Chase

  • Upcoming Event for The Chase Blog

    March 26th we will be Hosting Jason Gordon of Knight & Hale at LT Plantation in Coosa County Alabama (our property)

  • Ram down!

    The Buck Commander strikes again! NuFletch hit him right in the heart at 47yds. Got a turkey earlier at 54 yds. Never a dull moment with Wildside Hunting Safari! We stalked these animals all over the beautiful mountains. The quiver is empty. :(
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  • Travis' Ram

    Rained most of the day. We finally decided to brave it and scout a ram. Travis has talked about a ram since the first day. For some reason, I found this hilarious. Anyway, we were 100 yds out of the truck and 4 young rams passed in front of us. Gerald Fleutry, of Wildside Hunting Safari, said usually older rams follow the young ones and for us to sit still. Travis had my new Buck/Stag Commander crossbow and when the big ram man came out, 28 yds away, he nailed him! Perfect shot through all that wood!! Gotta love New Zealand.
  • Travis spotted his beauty the first day!

    Travis spotted his beauty the first day! We stalked on him for over 2 hrs. and waited 45 minutes for him to come in range. At 35 yards, Travis put a devastating shot on this mature stag. Wildside Hunting Safari of New Zealand rocks!! Pictured with Travis is Gerald Fleutry of Wildside. He's definitely worked hard with the Chase to bring the monster stags down!!
  • Leigh's New Zealand Chandelier: Kicker 24

    I got a man of a Red Stag Deer today with my brand new Barnett Crossbow! He was 50yds.... watched him bed down for 45 minutes. ....finally stood up, gave me a great 50 shot and he dropped 20yds!! What a beautiful chandelier on his head?! He has a over foot long kicker that he used as a back scratch. It was awesome!!

  • Hunting with Gerald Fleutry of Wildside Hunting Safaris on the North Island

    From left Larry Woodward, Jeff Ensor (pls tag jeff on his fb page), Scott Shultz and Travis.
    Post: the Chase, along with Gray) made it Auckland, NZ along with our friends and fellow hunters (insert names). We are hunting with Gerald Fleutry of Wildside Hunting Safaris on the North Island. Hope we'll have some big game to post soon! Thanks for everyone's prayers for safe travels.
  • 12pt buck who scored 154! Giles Island

    Look what treasure Travis found on Giles Island?! A 12pt buck who scored 154!
    The Chase continues....
  • Some Photos and We're now on Flickr

    Hi everyone, we've just added The Chase's flickr. Check it out and subscribe to our photostream.



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    Hey everyone, We are on facebook. Come on over and visit our new page. Share your photos and videos and keep in touch. Hope you enjoy!

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